About me
•  Education in Media Design 

•  Study of fine arts with exam in 2009 

•  Study and recreation of 
    17th- and 18th- century clothes since 2007
•  Founder of Cour de Cassel in 2010

about my work

Every costume-project is preceded by extensive preliminary work. At the beginning there is research. Locating appropriate source material such as paintings, drawings, descriptions, perhaps preserved originals. Various design-drawings are made to understand the costume in question. Often a new pattern must also be developed based on the historical sources. The right materials have to be chosen and compared with the originals. Sometimes materials may have to be specially made. Embroideries are traced by hand from pattern-books but also from paintings and originals and transferred to the corresponding patterns, this is also done with pencil and brush. The embroideries are always done by hand and only historical embroidery techniques and materials are used, which are very close to the historical originals. Visible seams are always sewn by hand. Every detail, every button, every tassel is handmade, hardly any accessory can simply be bought, everything has to be elaborately handmade. All this is an enormous effort, but necessary to achieve the appropriate results.